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Constra Globe

Welcome To Constra Globe

Constra Globe ‘Through Our professional experience in the construction field, We became aware of the importance of the good Engineering and project management in controlling the life cycle of any project, as achievements are usually lost in numerous litigations rising during project implementation.

Creating ConstraGlobe, came to assist and advise companies and deliver efficient wide scopeengineering and project management, providing appropriate solutions to help achieving goals, in addition to delivering construction consultancy services.

The management based on professional and efficient design, implementing strategies that give rise to action, planning for the achievement of specific goals are the main milestones to the success of any project.

Efficient management enables companies to anticipate and manage risks through identifying problems that may confront a project during its implementation by either avoiding or solving these problems permanently.

To provide an excellent level of support to companies, satisfy all customers’ demands vis-à-vis honoring our commitments, we recruit national, regional and international qualified personnel and collaborate with the best international companies.

We are, therefore, able to provide different projects with an individual technical organization, engineering and architectural design to ensure their continuity and sustainability.

Our future is defined by the success of the quality services we provide to our customers.’

Amr Abd El Fatah,

Chairman Constra Globe

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