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Who we are Constra Globe was established on the year 2007. Constra Globe is a multi disciplinary company offering a large scope of services in the construction field starting from engineering, architectural & interior design. Passing through the project planning and management, finally we havehadstarted our construction activity to assure that our design will be implemented respecting our standards.

Our Vision To provides a high quality services to our clients, with the aim to reach perfection as a first step towards the quest of excellence.

Objective * To leverage our expertise through the synergy of our people, methodologies and tools to manage our client’s projects with superior efficiency. *
To be recognized as a leader in guiding organizations in reaching their goals by improving their resources and project portfolio management capabilities.


Project Management

An Efficient project Management is based on the quick and effective management of the constraints and parameters to avoid the existence of any obstacles, our speed to provide alternative solutions to problems, ensures the smooth running of each project we handle. In addition, Constra Globe is in collaboration with larger International companies, such as American, Spanish, Portuguese, Algerian, and Egyptian consultancy firms, and is able to provide projects with its own organization of a technical, engineering and architectural design.

  • Complete design package in addition to Needs analysis.
  • Project and program outline management.
  • Establishment of a procedure for identifying and controlling risks.
  • Cost control since the beginning of the project until the final statement.
  • Coaching and support for cost control and financial planning for construction.
  • Preparation of bills of quantities Surveys.
  • Quality control.
  • Topography.


In addition to the staff, which is selected upon their special skills and experience, Constra Globe is in collaboration with companies and qualified international Architectural and various Engineering and design firms, which are able to make considerable specialized expertise in the construction field.


Constra Globe is in constant contact with local and international suppliers, and this in order to be always aware of all products, all materials and equipment are available on the market, Some times we use this experience to provide a special services if our client need a procurement support.

Construction Management:

  • Preparation of bids on the basis of implementation plans.
  • Establishment of contracts.
  • Sessions and periodic monitoring sites.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Planning the entire project.
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